Scott + being stoked/surprised when his best friend gets kisses from pretty girls.

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Yeah Derek, stop being a creepy lovesick werewolf and let Stiles sleep (x)

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The boys meeting fans backstage, 14.08.14.

When I saw this posted I did a little research on it (my sister and I are huge fans and I wanted to know how this girl met them). Turns out, this girl is Sydney and her brother has cystic fibrosis. He was granted a wish from make a wish because his disease could potentially end his life. He gave his wish to his sister for Christmas so she could meet 1d, even though he really had no desire to meet them. And that is the most beautiful story behind these pictures that I could have ever imagined. Truly lovely. Selfless and inspiring.

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i dont say “no” to drugs

i say “no thank you” because i wasnt raised in a fucking barn like some of you hoodlums 


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I have an idea son, why don’t we drive to the nearest cliff and see if the law of gravity applies to you.

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Parks and Recreation + text posts

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AMY POEHLER: Great people do things before they’re ready

This is very important

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if thats not punk i dont know what is

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adult: “do u know what college you want to go to yet?”

me: [sweats nervously] MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

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